The Free Listing Myth

The main function of the Tee Time Wholesaler website (a company who offers you a listing on their website in exchange for a set number of your tee times that they then discount and sell for their profit) is to provide golfers with reduced green fees, plain and simple. Their promise to the golf course is that these "additional" rounds that they send your way will bring in additional revenue through the customers spending dollars on food and golf shop merchandise. I know that my shop averages about $3-$5 a round in Merchandise sales. (what a windfall!) The reality is that the majority of players come in, play golf and go home.  I can't seem to recall the last time a "discount tee time shopper" foursome came in and bought up my golf shop.

This whole idea became painfully obvious to me one day as I checked-in a foursome that had purchased their Green Fees through a Tee Time Wholesaler website that at the time my course was dealing with. One gentleman handed me his "Coupon" good for 4 players, and I had to stand there and watch as he collected $25 (half of my rate) from each of his friends to cover what he had paid for the foursome on-line.My course's profit from this group = $0, the Tee Time Wholesalers profit = $100. Then to add insult to injury the guy proceed to tell me what a great deal he got on-line and that he would return to that website to purchase his next foursome, and that if there weren't any rounds available at my course that he had many other area courses to choose from. That's Great for you! I said, as I looked into my empty register. At a time where competition for golfers is fierce, and golf course operators are having a hard enough time selling tee times, why would you let someone else profit from sales of one of your most valuable products?

Why can't your course collect $100 from the above mentioned group and not some Tee Time Wholesaler, who by the way does not have to provide any service to the customer once they arrive, nor does he have the overhead costs involved in running and maintaining a golf course. (what a racket!)

It's not realistic to believe that many individual course websites can compete with larger more visible wholesaler or directory websites. It takes a large budget and a large commitment, most courses can not afford either.

So, that's where comes in.   This website has the size and power to compete with all other Directory and Wholesaler websites, with two huge benefits;

1- It's designed and administered by Golf Professionals
2- Its design and functionality is from the Golf Course Operators viewpoint (The main focus is profit for the course operators, not discount golf for the public)