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We hope you find our FAQ's helpful in answering any questions you might have.  If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to .

Can I view all my previous rounds?
Yes. All previously played rounds will show in a list on the website, accessible after the golfer logs in. Most recent last twenty rounds are viewed below the handicap card, on the printable handicap certificate.

Can my handicap be calculated using 9 hole rounds?
Yes. This website follows the current USGA formulas for computing nine hole handicap rounds.

How do I post my scores?
Scores are posted via any Internet portal. Statistical round data (together with scores) can be entered using "point and click" methodology. You have the option of entering "hole by hole" rounds with statistics, or gross score.

How often will my handicap update?
The handicap updating process will follow the strict stipulations as illustrated by the USGA. This requirement is no more often than once every two weeks and not less often than once a month. The handicap card will always show the correct handicap, and will update automatically.

If I lose my handicap card, will the system let me print another?
Yes. In fact, any number of handicap cards can be printed, they print by date so there is no mistaking which is most up to date.

My Handicap Card doesn't reflect some of the rounds I just played.
Your USGA Handicap Index is only updated once every two weeks (USGA Specification). Rounds played between your update period will not be used as part of your Handicap Index calculations until the next update of your Handicap Index. So for example, if your handicap was last updated on 4/1/2005, it will not be updated again for two weeks from the time of your last update, or until 4/15/2005. If you played a round on 4/3/2005, and another one on 4/7/2005, and another on 4/14/2005, these rounds will not show up on your Handicap card, or be used as part of your Handicap Index calculations until the next update on 4/15/2005. If you would like to know what your Handicap Index will be, simply ask your pro shop to tell you what your ISH (ISaAC Suggested Handicap) is. The ISH is what your handicap "will be" once it is updated, and will continue to change (real time) with new rounds that have been posted in the "in-between" times between your official USGA Handicap Index updates.

What if I don?t play one of the rounds I printed?
Printed scorecards that have not been entered will expire after two weeks.

What if I entered a score out of date order?
Doesn?t matter. All scorecards that have been submitted, automatically find the correct date order.

Why do I choose this website for a USGA handicap service over the others sites available?
This website follows strict stipulations of the USGA that most other sites are unable to provide. This website offers golfers a USGA handicap in accordance to rules and regulations governed by the USGA without the hassle of creating a USGA Handicap Committee. This has become possible through cooperative efforts from green grass golf facilities and our relationship with the software company ISaAC Scoring Systems L.L.C.

Powered By ISaAC Golf. ISaAC is a USGA Handicapping, Game Improvement, and Customer Relationship Development tool for golf facilities, golf associations, and golf instructors. ISaAC can completely replace the GHIN Handicapping system, with increased capabilities, productivity, and relationship management tools, while costing golf clubs about 1/2 of what GHIN does. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT ISAAC AND IT'S CAPABILITIES FOR YOUR GOLF CLUB.