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How To Warm Up

There are as many different warm up routines are there are golfers but if you are looking for some general guidelines as to what you should do when you arrive at the golf course for your next round then this tip may help.

If you are like me and you are usually late for everything that you do and this would include most of your tee times then the word "warm up" is not even in your vocabulary. But for those of you who are respectful enough to others to show up with time to spare be it ten minutes or an hour here are 3 routines that may help get you ready for your round.


Warm Up
10 Minutes Prior to Tee Time
You do not really have that much time here, but it is still enough to get your body and your mind ready for a fun day of golf.
  • 5 MINUTES: Spend this time warming up your body with a few simple stretches that are golf motion specific. A few discrete trunk twists and deep knee bends will help get the blood flowing. The best way to loosen up is to make some practice swings. There is no time and really no need to hit balls. If you have a weighted club take some long lazy swings, get your golf muscles moving. If you do not have a heavy club then swing two clubs at the same time. Remember the point of this exercise is to relax your body and warm up your muscles. Concentrate on rhythm, balance, smoothness.

  • 3 MINUTES: Get on the practice putting green and hit a few putts to get the feel for the speed of the greens. Take 3 balls and putt to the fringe of all four sides of the putting green. On most practice greens this should result in giving you putts of four different directions (uphill, downhill, left to right, right to left). Putting to the fringe for this drill is better then putting to a hole because you are trying to concentrate on distance control not direction. Take the last 30 seconds to hit a few short putts (less than 3 feet). The goal here is to get some confidence. You want the last thins you hear before moving to the first tee to be the sound of your ball hitting the bottom of the cup.

  • 2 MINUTES: Make your way to the first tee, take a few deep breath, drink a cup of water and while you wait your turn visualize yourself successfully playing the first hole. Imagine a good tee shot, a nice approach, and an easy 2 putt par to start your round.

30 Minutes Prior to Tee Time
For your basic social rounds this is the ideal amount of time to give yourself before your tee time.

  • 5 MINUTES: Same warm up as above

  • 10 MINUTES: Commit this time to chipping and putting. Do the same putting routine as above but this time also incorporate the same drill with chip shots.

  • 12 MINUTES: Hit some balls on the range. Start with taking half swings (70%-80%) effort, working from short to long irons. Then progress to full swings, move from short to long irons. Save the last 2 minutes to hit some tee shots with both your 3 wood and your driver. It is also a good idea to hit a few long iron tee shots.

  • 3 MINUTES: Get to the tee, drink some water, relax and visualize the first hole.

60 Minutes Prior to Tee Time
This is plenty of time to get yourself prepared so take your time while warming up.

  • 10 MINUTES: Same warm up as above, but now you can take your time be methodical.

  • 20 MINUTES: Chip and Putt. Perform above routine twice

  • 25 MINUTES: Hit balls. Take your time between swings. Take a quick break to drink some water. If you are familiar with the course play the first three holes on the range.

  • 5 MINUTES: Move to the first tee. Relax, drink some water, visualize.

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