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New Jersey Public Golf Courses

New Jersey offers more than 200 public and private courses for every level of golfer. The Atlantic City region is home to the highest rated courses in New Jersey according to Golf Digest's Places to Play 2002-2003. Explore all New Jersey golf has to offer and you will agree-it is on a par with the best in the U.S.. Many of the golfing terms and equipment used today originated in New Jersey.

New Jersey is broadly divided into three geographic regions: North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey. North Jersey lies within New York City's general sphere of influence (i.e. largely within the New York metropolitan area), and many residents commute to the city to work. Central Jersey is a largely suburban area. South Jersey is within Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's general sphere of influence, and most of it is included in the Delaware Valley. Such geographic definitions are loosely defined, however, and there is often dispute over where one region begins and another ends. Some people do not consider Central Jersey to exist at all, but most believe it is a separate geographic and cultural area from the North and South.

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New Jersey Golf

North Jersey
- Gateway Region
- Skylands Region
Central Jersey
- Shore Region
- North Delaware River Region
South Jersey
- Greater Atlantic City Region
- Southern Shore Region
- South Delaware River Region

Additionally, the New Jersey Commerce, Economic Growth & Tourism Commission divides the state into six distinct regions to facilitate the state's tourism industry.

New Jersey offers some of the most beautiful and challenging golf terrain to be found anywhere in the world. Golfing in New Jersey is laid back and relaxed, with very little pressure for tee times and generally uncrowded conditions.

With a Golf season that runs from March to November New Jersey Golf offers a surprisingly long season. Green Fees in New Jersey, as in all states vary from course to course and their is sure to be something to meet everyone's budget.
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