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The World Wide Web has fast become dollar for dollar the most cost effective and useful tool for companies when it comes to marketing their products to consumers. With we have combined our company's knowledge of the golf industry with expertise in e-marketing and web design to provide golf courses with a marketing tool that allows them to showcase their facility to the ever increasing number of golfers who use the internet as their primary source of information when seeking out golf courses.

What market leaders in any industry today share, beyond their outstanding performance, is an awareness of today's most crucial challenge: the scarcity of customers. In the golf industry we do still have a growing number of players but the growth in players is being outpaced by golf course development, leading to increased competition for customers. In this time when golfers have an abundance of choices, the marketing superstars have figured out why golfers favor one golf course over another, and more important, uses that knowledge to be sure of becoming that golfers premier choice. The most powerful cost effective tool you have for accomplishing this goal is the internet and your golf course website. allows Golf Course Operators to present the features of their Facility to Golfers in a clear, concise manner. The ease at which golfers can navigate our directory and find useful
information and links to Golf Course Web Sites is what makes 1StopForGolf the Top Golf Course Directory Website on the internet.

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"Once We Listed El Diablo On We Noticed An Immediate Increase In Traffic To Our Website. 1StopForGolf Is Now Our Top Source For Web Visitors From Outside Links "
Bryan Bittiker - General Manager
El Diablo Golf Club
Citrus Springs, FL

With being owned and operated by PGA Professionals provides us with an intimate understanding of the golf industry and the challenges associated with finding effective advertising and marketing strategies. A course listing on 1StopForGolf provides our partnering golf courses with an enhanced internet presence on the top golf course directory website available allowing them to advertise directly to thousands of golfers each and every month. What makes unique and what our current partnering courses already know is that 1StopForGolf is much more than the top golf course directory, it is a "1Stop" source for many online marketing solutions.

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The Free Listing Myth

Numbers don’t lie. During the month of June there were over 50,000 searches of the term “public golf courses” on the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo!, This is a very important fact if you are a golf course operator and are in charge of developing and driving revenue to your facility. Unfortunately many course operators are not aware of or do not take advantage of this potential revenue source that is waiting to be tapped more..

The internet offers an extremely cost effective form of marketing. is the premier golf course directory website available to golf course operators because we have designed the site from a golf course operators perspective. We do not subscribe to the theory that to attract more golfers you need to lower your price. What golf course operators need to become more proficient at is increasing the online visibility of their facility. The potential return on investment is huge. more..

It is probably the most common mistake currently made by golf course operators who are looking to establish some extra presence on the internet for there golf course. They very unwisely agree to exchange with some tee time wholesaler website a few tee times (somewhere between 2 or three a week and 2 or three a day) in exchange for listing there golf course on their website. At first glance this offer seems like a good idea. Trade a few tee times for internet advertising, no real cost to the golf course..well not exactly.
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