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Fresh New Look Coming To 1StopForGolf.com
1StopForGolf.com continues to grow and lead the way as the best golf course directory available on the internet today, and as it grows changes and improvements are in the works.

Starting March 1st Global Golf Marketing will start to fully unveile the fresh new look of the top public golf course directory as ranked by Google. Changes include a new color scheme, easier to navigate state and regional breakdowns and maps so that golfers will have a better perspective of locations of the best public access golf courses in any give area.

Florida will be the first state to be fully released in the new format and then subsequent states will be rolled out as they are completed. The new changes will greatly benefit both the golfer and the golf course operator. The golfer enjoy the new format which provides state, region and course information displayed in a simpler easier to navigate way. Course operators will benefit from some added features that will allow them to present more information to golfers regarding their facility.

New Look - 1StopForGolf.com

New 1StopForGolf.com

ProQuip Performance Weatherwear
ProQuip is the world's leading innovator of golf weatherwear. For 25 years we have pioneered ultra-lightweight rain suits worn by some of the greatest golfers in the world, including Former World Number One Ian Woosnam. ProQuip was the official supplier to the victorious 2006 European Ryder Cup Team and is the most popular weatherwear brand in Ryder Cup history with 18 teams, European and American, choosing our high-performance rain suits. ProQuip is also proud to supply The Open Championship, PGA European Tour and PGA Tour - and remains the number one choice for tens of thousands of club golfers across the world.
ProQuip Award Winning Outerwear
Silk Touch, ProQuip’s virtually silent rain suit, has finished top in an authoritative product test published in the UK’s biggest selling golf magazine. Silk Touch was the only waterproof suit to be given the maximum five star rating and ‘Gold’ award by Today’s Golfer in their annual weatherwear review Today’s Golfer was impressed by the featherweight, silk-like fabric and stretchable drop-liner which enables greater flexibility during the swing. The breakthrough Silk Touch fabric, developed exclusively by ProQuip over the past three years, features an ultra-soft and virtually silent outer fabric, plus stretchable lining for ultimate playing performance and comfort. The suit is 15% lighter than ProQuip's industry leading and multi award-winning Ultralite range.

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Star Golf - Tour Quality Golf Gloves
What drives the owners of Star Golf is their belief that golf is a wonderful game … and that more people ought to be able to enjoy it. Making it more affordable is a step in the right direction, don't you agree? Star Golf's first product is a superb, Tour-quality, all-cabretta leather golf glove. You're really going to like its buttery softness, its secure grip, and longer-lasting durability. The style is awesome, and the price even better … just $11.95. What's more, with each glove you buy, you get one FREE!

Star Golf - Premium Golf Gloves
Star Golf was started by Robert Coffey and Dan Goodkind. For 18 years Coffey has helped other companies market dozens of successful golf products direct to the consumer. For over 30 years, Goodkind has operated one of the nation's most prominent mailing and fulfillment operations. Bob and Dan have been golf partners and business clients of one another for years.

Star Golf's gloves are made entirely of premium-quality cabretta leather, the kind preferred by tour pros! Real cabretta leather grips better, feels softer, and lasts longer than synthetic fabrics.

Star Golf feels that you should not have to pay more for a name-brand synthetic glove when you can have superb cabretta leather for a lot less money ... and get one FREE with each one you buy? Star golf gloves also have a more comfortable tab closure and an ingenious hinge at the knuckles to eliminate tugging when you grip the club. You get all this performance in a great-looking, classic style - not the patchwork, half-leather styles like other brands.

Plus, Star golf gloves come with a Money-Back Guarantee!

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